Monday, October 24, 2011

This is Good...

Well hello again… I don't know about you... but I am tired after a hectic weekend. I find myself listening to music that comforts me…humbles me.
I love the sound of classical music and today I discovered the sounds of Kevin Kern He plays a beautfiul piano. It amazes me that at the age of only 18 months he began playing! You can hear him here, playing:

With the fall season coming to an end and we Midwesterners gear up for the long cold winter. I try to be inspired by remembering to humble myself and find the good and beauty in all things. Classical music reminds me to take a deep breath and be grateful for each new day, remembering to not get caught up in trivial things that are out of my control.
Just like the weather…

And much like these trees, their time of beauty is short lived as they prepare for the winter season.

As you see…you find beauty in both…although the trees lose their leaves and the snow brings the cold…we should find the good in all things. I’m excited for what’s to come… I love change. I love meeting new people. Life has its challenges and change is hard... But rising to the occasion and knowing the sun will set, and the sun will rise is a reason enough to never give up, no matter what circumstances come your way. I hope you’ll remember to find comfort in times where things seem hectic…What do you like to do? 
Be good to you...



P.S. A special Thanks goes out to my first follower...Lara. You can find her blog at The Secret Garden. I was such a geek when I saw she signed up...
Another goes to my dear dear friend...Ms. Dani K. I adore you.

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  1. Congrats for your first post! I'm almost excited as you! :)
    As a Midwestern you have to know everything about cold wheather... Here in Italy it could be cold too but in the south (where I live) we don't have snow... My favourite treath for cold times is indulging myself an hot cappuccino! YUM!

    Thank you so so much for remembering me in your first post... I'm flattered!

    xxx, Lara


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