Thursday, April 26, 2012

Questions and Answers

Deep down inside…we know the answers to the questions that ail us. We go out in search of advice…needing help from others when we know no one can tell us what to do with the answer we already have.
Fear of the unknown…Deep down it’s the emotions we are afraid of…Fear. Fear steals. Fear lies. Fear is the enemy…much like the cliché of “We are our own worst enemy” We stay in jobs, relationships…making excuses, why or why not. Why is this? Why do we do this to ourselves? The circle of “Why” surrounded by “Fear”.
Why not change…why stay in the same place, doing the same thing? Toxic relationships…anything between you and someone or something is considered a relationship. Our relationship with food. With People. With significant others…Our jobs…if indeed you are unhappy…Why do you stay?

Change…Change is hard. This is something I’ve said many times…I start a list…I jot it down, I cross it off…I rewrite…but does the list change? Does the change take shape? Does it hang out for a while and then “get-up” and GO? For most, the answer is…Yes. Does change take place?
It can. Small steps. Small changes…often we try to go all gung-ho…the take-off is good…until it isn’t. Change what you eat. Change what you say. Change what you do…Change…when done in small doses, change can happen. Not overnight, but it can…because You can. Believe in yourself. Believe in the change. Let go of the Fear…erase the doubt. Let go and let God.
I’m here to tell you that You can…when we can come to terms and find acceptance for our inner self…Trust…and Love who You are…then the rest will fall into place…Yes the emotions still come with your “theme park” whatever the ride…Just make sure the ride is worth riding…and Love You some You.
Have a great Friday...See you Sunday.
Be Good to You.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Feel Good Post...

Rod Stewart - Forever Young

May the good Lord be with you
Down every road that you roam
And may sunshine and happiness
Surround you when you're far from home
And may you grow to be proud, dignified and true
And do unto others as you'd have done to you

Be courageous and be brave
And in my heart you'll always stay
Forever young, forever young
Forever young, forever young
May good fortune be with you
May your guiding light be strong
Build a stairway to Heaven
With a prince or a vagabond

And may you never love in vain
And in my heart you will remain
Forever young, forever young
Forever young, forever young
Forever young, forever young, yeah

And when you finally fly away
I'll be hoping that I served you well
For all the wisdom of a lifetime
No one can ever tell

But whatever road you choose
I'm right behind you, win or lose
Forever young, forever young
I love this song...makes one feel good...for all of you reading this...I hope your day is good. We're halfway there...Be sure to enjoy the moments living in the Now...For we are not promised tomorrow...One Day at a Time.

Be Good to You.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Personals Pt. 6

A Mother's Love...knows no Other....I wish you could feel they way I feel, to do what I'm about to's pure and simple Love...This is for my Bo.
Those were the words I sang before I left NC.
My son was 12 when we left Indiana…We made our way to North Carolina the summer of 2005. It was during this time he started his own journey. There are many pieces that tell a story…Parts 4 and 5 tell his.
During our time in NC my son traveled a road filled with uncertainties…I look back now and understand how leaving a place he called home, left him feeling like he was alone trying to find his way…it wasn’t until later that I discovered something else would find him. The wrong sorts of people, the wrong sorts of pressure found my son. I look back now and understand how vulnerable he was learning to adapt to a whole new life in NC.
When I learned of my sons “activities” and the crowd that followed…I made a tough decision to let my son go…in search of his truth. This piece of my story shares my True Testimony and how it was Faith driven…
After my son left for Indiana the summer of 2009…I knew I had a difficult decision to make…
I worked for the University. I managed the Advising Center on campus for students attending college to become Teachers…I too was attending college, for the first time ever…I waited to attend college. I was a stay at home Mom for years and later worked…I never seemed to have the time to go to school…until I did…and then…I made a decision that would change my life again…After seeing the growth with my son and his departure from everything that happened in NC, I knew I had to make a decision to stay in NC or return to a place I NEVER saw myself going back too.
My son returned to school in August of 2009. He would be a sophomore. Trips were made to and fro to see one another…we came for Thanksgiving…he came for Christmas…months would pass and I prayed for God to show me a sign…should we stay…should we go…should he come back? The emotions that took place over the course of months were exhausting…my son missing his family and eager to have us with him…my heart torn to leave a place I called home. I loved North Carolina…so much had changed for me. Attending school. Working for the University…later becoming a Teaching Assistant and fell in love with my major…I developed a family of friends…I loved the community. The weather was great…the beach was my getaway…it was the one place I could go and leave all my cares behind…until I couldn’t.
Days, weeks, months…Prayers…I’ll never forget it…I’ve told this story DOZENS of times…and I NEVER tell a lie…and NEVER embellish a story…here goes:
Ok, there is a piece that will make you go (?) but remember, it’s One Piece at a Time…Ok, now here goes: My husband left to go to Indiana in March of 2010…there was something he had to take care of, besides being there for our son…My daughter and I remained in NC. We developed a system, so-to-speak…
She and I would start the day with work and school…afterwards, we would return home and go for our daily walk…we lived in the country…I loved it. The house was Home. There was a trail about ½ mile long and we would walk before dinner…on this day…a Thursday…we discussed what we would do…what will happen? Do we really move? I say to her...and remind her of scripture…Lean not into your own understanding, but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path…I say to her…I wish it was so easy that a road sign would drop down and say, “Move to Indiana” or “Stay in Carolina” I say to her…in His time, not ours…and we continued with our walk.
The next day I go to work, as usual…it was Friday, it was the Friday before spring break…it was quiet on campus…I had two student workers that assisted me in my office…on this day…I was a little “off” I was having an emotional day now with BOTH my fellas gone…when the second student assistant came in this day…I took her aside and tell her I’m having an off day…She tells me she understands with all I have going on…I tell her I pray about it but wish it was as easy to get an answer and see that road-sign…
The day was quiet and we return to the office, my student worker and myself…I sit at my desk…bored. I’m all caught up. Sooo I play a little game online…it was called Peggle on MSN…during the game there would be breaks, commercial breaks…and this is when it happens…
Ready? I’m sitting at my desk…the game pauses for a break…the commercial, advertisement, comes on….it is…a Road-sign…and it says: Welcome to Indiana…No Lie. I jump! from my seat…I run to my dear friend and advisor in the office and tell her…she was like a mother figure to me…and we both were faith driven women…I couldn’t believe it. Shock! It was then I knew the decision that had to be made…
Welcome to Indiana…Late Spring 2010.
This is where I leave you, until next Sunday’s continuation…
Be Good to You.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Could Use Some Help...

Short and Sweet.

I bought a great pair of white dress shorts...Been looking on blogs and can't find what I think goes best...In comes this post. What do you think works best with these? Colors. Shoes. Any suggestions are MUCH appreciated.
Be sure to come back tomorrow for my Sunday Personals.
Happy Saturday!
See why I don't run a blog about fashion...
Be Good to You.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pocket Change, Yes Please!

Be the change You need to be.
If you are not willing to do anything about it…then you can’t be upset.
These are some of things I tell myself. My own little Cheerleader.
Why spend time fretting over things or people you have no control over what they do or say? Sometimes the things we don’t know, don’t hurt. You know the type that tells you things you don’t need to know…Why do people do this? Don’t they know it’s hurtful and there is a time and a place?
Ask yourself what it is about the situation. Is there truth? What could you have done better, or different? And if it is that something was your fault and criticism came your way, can you honestly say you weren’t wrong?
I read a blog recently on Change…Change is hard, no doubt. But determination can conquer…Forget making lists. Forget talking about it…Don’t feel sorry for yourself or make excuses…Set out and achieve whatever it is you need or want. What are you waiting for? Sometimes you just need to hear the truth and sometimes the truth hurts. But it can be a teaching method. That’s part of life, part of growth…like the learning tree…your inner you.
Listen to You and Love You some You. <---My Tagline...
For all you ladies that push me to march forward...Thank you.
Be Good to You.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Blogger Appreciation

 "Tell Me About Yourself Award"
I was given this award from Kelley over at Keep Sitting Pretty Her blog, among many of the talented, creative blogs I Dynamic to say the least...Trendy, Fashion forward, and sure to check her out!

Thank you Kelley for thinking of me. I'm uber excited about this...and hope others will play along...We Bloggers gotta stick together, right?

The rules of accepting the award are:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you.
2. Write 7 random things about yourself.
3. Spread the love to more bloggers!

Ok, here goes my 7 things....

1. I have a thing about eyebrows...they shape the face and should be kept neat and orderly...I wax my own eyebrows...kinda a pro at it too!

2. I love a Diet Cherry Coke with a Reese Peanut Butter cup...and keep them handy bedside!

3. I was born in Texas...

4. I want to be a Photographer...Portrait mainly, but love Boudior photography.

5. I'm currently obsessed with the TV show, How I Met Your funny!

6. My daughter and I wear the same size...we share lots of clothes...and find I have many missing pieces...hmm.

7. Lastly...My Favorite Color is...Purple.

There you go...7 random things about me.

And Chosen Blogger Awards goes to:

1. Anne over at Writer's Space

2. Lucy over at Find Your Sparkle


3. Julie over at Japolina

I enjoy all these lovely ladies blogs...I'm grateful to be a part of their world...

Thanks again to Kelley...

Be Good to You.



Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Personals Pt. 5

I thought going forward I would label my Sunday Personals in parts…if you read Part 4 or are new to my blog, then you need to know Sundays are the days I spend time sharing about my life…my journey…One Piece At a Time. In Pt. 4 you read about my Son and His Truth…Todays piece will fill in some blanks…
Prior to my son finding out about his truth I had a strong feeling things were “aloof” I would tell my husband, “I’m worried about Bo” and for good reason…He was with the wrong sorts of people…and I found out a little too late. Seems like these days drinking and drugs are easily acceptable and the “in” thing to do. For the record, there is NOTHING more vile than a person who deals with drugs and sells them to innocent children, this is true for alcohol too.
My Bo was making bad decisions…Here begins the fight of my life. I’ve said this before…you go through things in life and think there horrible, until the next horrible thing comes along. This was it for me. I could handle anything…but not drugs. Anger. Fear. Worry. Just a few emotions that filled my body during this time…What did I do wrong? Does this mean I’m a bad parent? Doubt filled my mind…and the stress took its toll…every day was a fight….and then he found his truth…icing on the cake! Once the news was found, he struggled even more…
During this time my sons Aunt came down to visit. She was excited after all these years being apart…It was here that the connection would be made and another life altering change would come my way…My Bo admitted to making wrong choices and knew his decisions left him to want to leave North Carolina and travel north to Indiana to know his Truth…His Aunt offered her home to him to start over…I wrestled for weeks….”How do I let him go?” “What happens if he stays?”
On February 14, 2009 I traveled over 400 miles to drive my son to be with his Aunt and her family…in Indiana. We met in West Virginia…after weeks of debating…I surrendered…I did what I thought was best for him. He expressed such a strong desire to leave…start over…so young, so innocent. It was my husband, myself, and my Bo…his sister stayed with a friend in NC…I’ll NEVER forget this day…
We met at a diner…We get out, we go in…and order our food. We make light chit-chat. I didn’t want what I was feeling inside to show in front of my son. His Aunt was cheerful. Compassionate…I trusted her to help save him from all that was around him in NC. There are no words to describe what this was like…we leave the diner…we walk through the parking lot…I hug my son. I kiss him and we both…let’s just say, parting is such sweet sorrow…The pain. The tears sweep my face. I get into my car. I am speechless. I sit in the backseat of my expedition…and my husband drives. I have moments of uncontrollable crying…wanting to turn around. Questioning if I made a mistake...
We arrive back home…one less. You should have heard me…His poor Aunt, I don’t think she knew what to do or say to me…it was like a bad dramatic movie…I can say this now…It was HARD. Weeks would go by. He got settled in to his new school, the school he graduated from this last January…he fit right in…he is adorable after all…His Aunt was strong…he tested her, no doubt, but she didn’t bat an eye. I would travel back and forth to see him…each time was like Christmas morning for the both of us…he is a Momma’s boy, in case you didn’t know…
That summer of 2009 he came home …he was different. Not as intense as before. He looked good. Healthy. Happy…we vacationed in Florida that year…spent days at the beach…at Topsail Island…such a beautiful place…one of my favorite places… He left at the end of summer…school would start in August and off he goes…I was stronger this time.
Again, I am left to make a life altering change…I will pause here…I hope you stayed with me. I know these posts are long…keeping in mind I tell it, “One Piece at a Time”
Be Good to You.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Winner is...

Congrats! Go out to Lucy McCracken at Find Your Sparkle.

I want to Thank everyone who participated in my first Giveaway. I will do another one in May...

Lucy has a Fantastic Blog...I hope you will take the time to stop by and sign up...I'm enjoying her Vintage taste, makes me want to run out and Antique shop...Thanks again Lucy! Also, be sure you send me your email address... 

Just so you know...I used the website, Random.Org to select the winner. If you ever do your own giveaway, I highly suggest using this site...Thanks Shelby for sharing from your Giveaway.

Happy Saturday Everyone. I'm staying home and taking in some much needed R&R. I hope you will come back tomorrow for my Sunday Personals...Part 5.

Be Good to You!



Friday, April 13, 2012

Free Giveaway...Last Day 2day!

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I will select the winner this evening and announce it on Saturday, April 14th.
Good luck Ladies! And Happy Friday...
Be Good to You.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Useful Tips for Bloggers...

I recently came across Sarah's blog called, Coming Unstitched...
and this article on Blog FAQ's
These are VERY useful tips...and particularly the section on leaving Comments...Please read. 

Thank you Sarah for allowing me the privilege of sharing....
I hope you all enjoy and find some useful tips!
Be Good to You.
P.S. Don't forget to sign up for my first Giveaway.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This 5 Minute Post

A few things come to mind…Random…I know. Literally winging this post with any thought that comes to mind…let’s see how it goes…Remember, I’m a Dork and think I’m Hul-ar-ious! It’s ok if you don’t think I’m funny, I got enough giggles to make up the difference… J

First…don’t you wish Blogs had a “Like” button? You know how us Facebookers are…this way when folks leave comments or replies, we can “LIKE” as a way of saying Thanks! Just a thought.
Are you the kind of person to get in an elevator and say hello? Oh yeah…that’s me…I’m the “Hello Queen”...Tiara and all.
Do you ever see people in public and ask yourself, “What were they thinking?” And then look at yourself and say, “What was I thinking?” This way, it’s not as judgmental…and you know better for next time.
I love giving compliments. I like the idea of making others feel good and leaving them with a smile…know why? When I think about those who say nice things to me…it leaves an impression…I remember things like that. I like to think I’ll be remembered as a nice person…and darn it! It feels good to make others smile! Although, sometimes I think people can take peoples niceness the wrong way…I don’t wanna be creepy! Ha ha…
Lastly…It is just me…Or do you find it a little, ok a LOT gross when you’re in a public restroom and the ladies answer their cell phone while taking care of “business?” I noticed this the other day…it’s one of my “ick factors” so if you do this, don’t be ill with me…just saying.
I hope you stuck around till the end…Just so you know…this post literally took…5 minutes! Presto! Cause Blogging ain’t always easy…and can be a little cheesy…”Like” Me. Get it?
Be Good to You!
P.S. Don't foget to sign up for my first Giveaway...The winner will be selected on Friday, April 13th - Lucky 13!

Monday, April 9, 2012

I'm a Winner...and My Giveaway...

I won! I won! Thanks to Shelby over at Shelbit blog spot and her first ever giveaway.
I never woulda thought little 'ol me would win!

This is my prize...Juicy Couture Hot Pink bracelet. I love how it's adjustable and the stone in the center...So Pretty and Girlie...Thanks Shelby.

Now...I'm inspired to do a little giveaway of my VERY own.
It's easy...simple...all you have to do is:

1. Sign up for my Bee.You.Tiful.You blogspot.
2. Leave me a comment telling me how you stay organized below.
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That's it. Short and sweet...Since this is my first...
I figure less complicated the better!

Here goes:

I'm a Fanatic about being organized. Something about making "To Do" lists and crossing them off, makes me feel less hectic when time is so valuable...
I thought I would giveaway these little soy based inspirational notepads...

Good Luck!

There are three different pads...I hope you like! I will select the winner this Friday and announce on Saturday, April 14th...I hope I didn't forget anything...

As always...Be Good to You!



Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Lovely Ladies!

Since it is Easter Sunday...I've decided to post-pone doing Sunday Personals....

I have a busy week ahead of me...I'm going to share my lucky Giveaway WIN! and do a little Giveaway myself...

Have a Great Day...

Be Good to You!



Friday, April 6, 2012

Happiness...and a Key.

Can you believe it’s already Friday? Yowsa!
I spent the week running, seems to be the norm lately. My little one and I have been preparing for college…she will start this summer, my son and I in the fall. I met with an old friend this week, which was Lovely! And made a new friend along the way…
Anyway…My little one said something to me this week that got me thinking…
Why does it seem as if people depend on others for their own happiness?
She was telling me how her friends were complaining about odds and ends in which all seem to stem around someone else causing them to be unhappy.
I offer my motherly advice and tell her how it is important that we find our own happiness and let the rest fall into place. In life we can’t always please others and need to seek our own happiness and peace in the world…
I’ve finally figured out the key to life…Ready?

As long as you are happy with you. Love You some You…then the rest will fall into place…Now this is MY “Key to Life” part of my journey and inner peace…after spending years not liking, not knowing, and pleasing others…I can finally say…I feel at home. It’s true what they say…what you speak will be the outcome of your day, week, year…Life. It is also true the more you speak and tell yourself positive affirmations…you will begin to believe in them more and trust in yourself…
Despite all the obstacles…I’m happy. I’m blessed. I’m comfortable being Me.
I got good news today…Let’s just say it goes like this….if you were wandering in the desert…and found water…yeah, it’s kinda like that! Thank God.
Be Good to You.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Pirates life for me?

I heard this recently:
If you found out you were going to lose a leg…wouldn’t you go out and run, skip, hop, or kick, like Hi-Ya!  Or would you sit on the couch until it was gone? I say nay to the latter… No way!!!!  Ima take off running! Like Forrest Gump…
I’ve been thinking about everything going on around me…I feel like I’m being held captive on a Pirate ship…waiting to walk the plank. I can either stay on the ship…or I can jump into the unknown…as I look down I feel scared…all the questions that come to mind…What if? Are there? Can I? Will I?

I’ll never be able to answer these questions until I jump…did I mention I’m scared? But isn’t that par for the course when facing such obstacles in life? If fear keeps you in the same place all the time, then fear will take over…and I’m not looking for a room-mate, know what I mean?
Chaos…for as long as I can remember this has been my way of life…is it supposed to be like this?
I start the day…my coffee in hand…listening the birds, sing almost in rhythm…as I gaze outside. I take a deep breath and pause…I think to myself…what will I do today? So many obstacles…feeling stuck being one. I think about being on that ship…chaos all around me. In my mind I see a ship that needs a Captain. Someone to take control…Direct...Lead.  Looking onto the horizon and seeing the sunset and sunrise…I imagine a place, somewhere on shore where the world… my life, isn’t like that boat, rocking back and forth.
The boat…as it rocks back and forth…the feeling of being seasick seems to be the norm in the midst of the chaos…I look out and see people who I think should be Captain of their own ship, and yet they look to me…how can I be my own Captain when everyone else needs a Captain of their own…Yet somehow I play that role for everyone but Me. The storm comes in…sometimes so hard you can hardly see. Much like emotions…your emotions overwhelm you…Me.
Last Sunday I wrote about my son…and his truth…I use to think his truth would be the hardest thing I’d ever face…funny how our fears make us believe something in the end we overcome…to Never say Never. I’ve been married since I was 18. A mother at 17. I ask myself…what did I know about getting married and being a mother so young? This is where forgiveness comes in….
I made mistakes along the way…I still make mistakes. It’s what we learn about ourselves when we make mistakes…I look back and see things differently…if I knew then what I know now…We all say this very thing…I tell myself: The past can teach us about our present…our present can change  our future…it’s a process of learning, but more importantly…about forgiveness.
Forgiveness comes from within…I’m on that ship…it rocks back and forth…I’m tired…sick and tired of being sick and tired…the plank…it calls my name. Fear! The inner battle within oneself…overcoming…rising…and conquering…as you lunge forward into the unknown…to begin a new chapter…an adventure in the journey…one to sit back and write about…with Joy and Excitement…that’s what I want…and dang-it…I’m gonna do it. One piece at a time…
Be Good to You!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Personals Pt. 4

My head swirls on which direction to go in with my Comfort Zone…writing something so personal makes one so vulnerable.
For those of you who don’t know, I have two teenagers...And that makes me a Mother, a Teacher, a Forgiver, and a Friend…I say Friend last because everything else has to come first. I tell my kids, “You may not like everything I do, but remember…I’m not your friend” Definition: I am the one who will NEVER steer them in the wrong direction. I will NEVER tell them what I think sounds good. I tell them the truth, always with tenderness and Love. I will always have their best interest at heart…
My son moved out about 2 months ago…and I’m still adjusting…He will be my inspiration today…My Bo. And I call him just that…My Bo.
A Momma’s Boy He is…
Way back when he was a little lad…born in the month of June…60 hours of labor and a C-section later…a Baby Boy blooms…8 days in the hospital begins our journey…Just the two of us. That’s right, 2.
I was alone…with a baby in the womb…I lived at home…the biological had left the “scene” and there we were, just us 2. My Bo. Right before I had my son I met my husband…and soon after giving birth, we, my husband and I would come together…our “courtship” was unlike any traditional relationship.
We didn’t date. We were fueled by emotions…flying by the seat of our pants. Within a year we got engaged, pregnant, with our little girl, married, and later he adopted my Bo. We are a family of 4. The biological and I were both 17…he wasn’t ready for parenthood, and I was left with no choice…as with life, the show must go on. When my husband and I got married we discussed adoption, after all he was taking on the role of the Father for my son…The biological and I agreed to sign off and let him be free of any responsibility. I didn’t want to hold something over his head that he wasn’t ready for…
Years went by and my Bo came to know my husband as his Father…I never knew the right time to tell my Bo about the adoption…he was so young. Year after year my secret would stay hidden…in my mind I wanted to wait until he was done with college. I feared if he, Bo, found out that it would cause a large amount of stress…stress I wanted to carry alone for him…waiting for the “right” time…but how, when?
We moved in the summer of 2005…my Bo was 12. He is passionate, much like his Mother. He had a hard time leaving a place he called home and all his friends…Through the years we, he…muddled through…as the years passed I saw changes…changes I feared would change our lives…and they did. As I watched, I knew waiting to tell him the truth would have to wait…until the day the wait was over…
I’ll never forget the day…the day the truth would come…like pulling a rabbit from a hat, except it wasn’t magic…more like tragic? I was at work and he missed the bus…grounded from his cell phone he scurried through the house looking…stumbling upon his truth…he found the papers on the adoption…the papers I held in my hand WEEKS before he tripped over them…I said to my husband, “I should really be careful” The papers were in the same place since the adoption went through…in a briefcase hidden, or so I thought…My Bo has a knack for finding things, like Waldo…there he sat, papers in hand, alone…until my arrival from work.
He comes to me…”Mom, we need to talk” Me…Ok? He says…”Alone” I tell my husband Bo wants to talk and I ask him to go outside…I go into the family room where my Bo sits…I’m thinking he is going to tell me something…something about a girl…or not? He asks me…”Who is so and so?” (leaving names out for privacy) Me…Silent. Everything stops. “Did I just hear what I think I heard?” My Bo tells me he found the papers looking for his cell phone. I pause (gasp) and the truth be known…I watch my son, his tears…I was a liar! What do I do?
He says to me…”I understand there was never the right time to tell me” Relief. I was relieved to hear these words come from his mouth…When was the “right” time to tell the truth? I sit with him…I tell him a small piece, one piece at a time. I tell him the truth. I shared how I was scared…I hated lying to him. I tell him about the biological…and so the story begins. Days, weeks, months go by. I share little pieces at a time…this way he absorbs the emotions and I help him understand…cope.
Prior to my Bo finding the truth…he was already traveling a road I feared would change our lives…and finding the truth was the icing on the cake…
As the years passed…my son unravels…there are many pieces to this part of my life…Much too long to put in one post…The biological was made aware that “our” son knew the truth after all these years…and rejecting him came next…more icing on the cake…My Bo still struggles…a Mother…Me, who fights to save him…Heartbreak. This last week my Bo…he got into trouble…I was left to make a difficult decision…tough love. I have and always will be their biggest fan. After all I am President of the fan club when it comes to my children…I say I love them more than any mother has ever loved their children…It’s the one Perfect thing I have…my Love for them.
This journey will continue to play a role in my Sunday Personals…I fight the good fight…I pray he, my Bo, will overcome the obstacles that come his way…I have no regrets…I did what I thought was in his best interest…always with love. The pain of watching your child travel a road is like no other…yet I remain positive…Hope. Always leaving room for Hope. Where there is Hope, there is Freedom…Freedom from the bondage this life binds us…I do this for Him. My Bo.
I will continue to share as the story goes…One Piece at a Time.
Be Good to You.