Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Honey "Do" List...

I am the Post-it Queen! Between work, home, appointments and family…I find I can’t function without a Post-it here or there... Sometimes I think I need a Post-it for my Post-it! All shapes, all sizes and any color...

Does this make me sound Hokey or what? I'll say this...the best feeling about Post-its is... When I am done with a "to do" I can simply throw that pretty little piece of paper away. 
Life has been hectic and jotting things down seems to help in the way of sorting everything out. 
This weekend my plan is to put a more inspiring post on my blog. For now...if you got lots "To Do"...get a Post-it or 2! Hey that rhymed! Dork = Me! 

Be good to you.



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  1. I'm a fan of love post it on my boyfriend's laptop :)


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