Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another Good Read...

Another Good Read....
This book is by: Bob and Melinda Blanchard, as you can see...
Their story is inspiring, I mean just look at the title, "Live What You Love"
Here you can find a link that shares about the Blanchards and their journey. I need to read their other book, "A Trip to the Beach" Which is the first book in this series...

A Trip to the Beach

So often what we speak tends to be the outcome of our day to day life. I know this from experience. I read another book that helped me realize this very thing. So often I find people and their interactions with family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances...socialize about what ails them. I'm not talking about physical pain, but more about everything that is wrong with their lives versus what is good. We forget to see the good in  world filled with wrongs...

I hope you are living the life you love. I hope you Love You some You...always with kindness.
Be Good to You.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Curling Up with a Good Book...

Do you like to read? Me too! BUT it has to be a book that gets my attention almost instantly! otherwise I get bored. The Hubs bought me this book called: The Walk By: Richard Paul Evans...and I have to say it's interesting that his name sounds like three first names...

Anyway, I fell in love with this book from reading the inside cover and read it twice in one week. In fact, I'm certain I will read it again and again. It was and is inspiring to say the least.

In a round about way, I learned this from my read:

Everyday I realize more and more...It pains me to know that in life we spend so much time worried about all the little things...and when the things that happen we never see coming, we wish things were as they were before...all that time wasted on things we can't control...(Lola)

This statement rings true for so many people I know and love, myself included. When I think about the time I've wasted on such non-sense worrying I realize life is too short to waste on things out of our (my) control.

Love You some You and the Life you Live. ♥
This is for all my friends who need just that, a friend. I love you.
Be Good to You...


Friday, January 13, 2012


I thought for this post I would share some, Christmas, New Years and Winter photos of me and the family...

I bought the Hubs the whole series of Seinfeld for Christmas, Funny Stuff!! 


It was Party Time! Out with the Old and in with the New...The Hubs and I got all "dolled" up and went out to Celebrate. The best part...I only paid $20 for the dress...Please note, my camera-man (The Hubs) will always catch me with my eyes closed. And it's usually the only photos I like (I am my own worst critic!) And I know better...

And yet again...but at least you can see the whole dress...

I'm certain he thinks he's cute... and tend I to agree...

Maybe not the BEST picture -- I have to say this was one of the most impressive display of fireworks I've lasted for 15 minutes! Happy 2012!

This is my Bo...He is my Baby, need I say more? 

And this...this is my Baby Bear, remember a Mother and her cubs, a Love like no other. 

Oh Yeah! We think we're cute! Funny to say the least.

I'd like to think that as life goes by there is always room for growth. I am excited for what the New Year has to offer...So far from where I sit and where I've started...I feel taller already. 

More to come...Be Good to You!



Friday, January 6, 2012

Looking Back

When you look back at 2011 - what can you say was your biggest accomplishment? I like to look at the New Year as a "Fresh" do many. Not that last year was horrible...hectic maybe. I'd like to think that as I look back, there was growth. I'd like to think there is always room for the possibilities...never say never, sounds so cliche, right?

I'm not going whine, I'm suppose to INSPIRE!!! Life is good. Hard, but good. I have strong faith and it is my faith in the Lord that will bring me through....More to come. For now...I cut my bangs, and my little one, Ms. Kitty is so darn cute...How'd I get so lucky? 

Be Good to You.



Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year...2012. It's been a while since my last post...I've been on a much needed break from work and sad to say it's all about to end...Everyday had it's best intentions. Everyday I thought...I need, I should, I will...and then the days end would begin again with all the best intentions. I celebrated the New Year with the Hubs at a resort and once I find my cord to my camera, I'll share some Christmas and New Years pics.

As for January, I am sticking to my recent post and looking to do a post for everyday...My hope? To Inspire.

Tis a New Year...whats your resolution? Do you even follow the tradition of picking a resolution? I have many. The most important...speak more positively. What we do and what we speak can and will have a profound impact on our lives. Some time ago I came up with the saying, "Love You some You" I find that I need to really love who I am and what I do. I don't need the worlds approval on the best me I can be. I like who I am and know my heart is in the right place. I hope that you'll take the time to Love You some You and do something nice for yourself ...something you don't normally, get a pedicure or manicure...Call a friend just to say I love you. Tell yourself how wonderful you are. To simply remember we all have a story to sure yours has pure and simple joy, the joy of believing in You.

Be Good to You.