Thursday, November 17, 2011

Come in...Take a Seat...

I started this blog thinking it would be an inspiration not only for me but my readers. I ponder all the possibilities of what to do or say… In a previous post I made mention that I was working on my house and had hoped to take before and after pictures… I failed. Not at the house, but taking pictures. I've decided after all is said and done I will be sure to post the final results and a little detail to what we (Hubs and Myself) did… and I’m ALMOST DONE! Anyway…moving on...

Here are two sets of chairs I am considering for my dining room:

Same print, different styles... the green costs about $80 less, BUT I really like the brown... decisions, decisions, decisions... Both sets are from Target and can be viewed here: Green Chairs and Brown Chairs .

As for inspiration... I like the idea of change... whether it is style, decor, wardrobe... Self. There are decisions that have to be made... State of mind. I believe in life you must love who you are. Believe in yourself. Be confident. Make a decision and go with it without all the second guessing...woulda, shoulda, coulda! You could SHOULD all over yourself all day and where would that get you? Now making a decision on what style of chair to go with isn't so heavy...but other decisions... weight a little more. 

I thought of this today... If we have to be careful about what we do, or what we say in fear we will offend someone, are we pretending to be something we are not just to please everyone else? If you love yourself and know your heart, morals, and values are in the "right" place... then be confident with what and who you are... I will spend more time with this blog sharing things like this... my mind runs away with so many positive affirmations... and I can't do it all in one post. HECK I'm just happy if you made it this far in the post to read what I have (had) to say. So Thank you. I appreciate it! 

I hope this finds you well... be who you want to be…Love You some You.

Be Good to You.




  1. I definitely agree with you darling!
    ..and I love the chairs you choose :D

    xxx Lara

    ps. Congrats... your hubbie is sooo cute!

  2. Hi Ms. Lara!

    Thanks for the compliment...on both the chairs and the Hubs! I fancy them both...I hope you are well. So GOOD to see you again!



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