Monday, November 14, 2011

LOVE Actually...

I have to share this link with Hugh Grant from the movie, “Love Actually” – It makes me SMILE and GIGGLE!!! Sooo cute! I watched this movie over the weekend… If you have NOT seen this movie, be prepared... it is not for the “faint of heart”... and by that I mean it is not a traditional Christmas movie, but the LOVE is soooo good!

LOVE LOVE LOVE… so good, and yet so painful. I took a class years ago and the Professor asked us to describe LOVE in one word. Everyone chose words to describe LOVE as: Happy, Butterflies, Family, Children, Friends…not one person chose pain, heartache or sadness. You wouldn’t think these words would describe LOVE, but they do. 

I LOVE to LOVE. I love the feeling of being in LOVE. 

I LOVE my children. I always say, I LOVE them more than any Mother has ever loved their children. I LOVE my wonderful Husband. He treats me like a Queen. You will find I am passionate about my family...AND 

This is my Cute! 

I am passionate about my Friends. I LOVE the feeling you get when you LOVE someone, or something so much. I do this for myself. I LOVE me some Me. I started saying this just over a year ago to myself - to remind myself when the world makes LOVE feel cold, harsh or leaves you feeling bitter, that at least I know to LOVE me some Me. I have the LOVE of my family and friends... BUT it is important that you LOVE you some You! Feel good about who You are and what You do. 

Love you some YOU. LOVE what you do. LOVE the little things, simple little things. Know that life is not perfect... No one is going to roll out the red carpet... Find forgiveness where it needs to be found... And remember to be good to you...



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