Thursday, December 8, 2011

No Place Like Home...

Can you believe it? I finally took some pictures…it helps now that I have a camera, basic, but gets the job done. Anywho…Welcome to my home. 

The above picture is the view from my front Living Room to the Fireplace Room and Dining Room. Below is my Fireplace Room, which is obvious…I ordered a Sofa that is due to come in ANY day and I can’t wait! 
(Sorry about the coat in the pic)

Below are pictures from my Dining Room. 

Here is my Main Living Room. I love sitting here on my couch and looking out to the other rooms with all the trees lit up and the lights out. Sooo Cozy! 

Going up? The walls here, although hard to tell, are the original to the house. This project will be done AFTER the Holidays are over. For now I think I have a good start....

Kitchen...Again the Obvious...

Just in case you want to know...I bought this house just over a year ago when I moved from North Carolina to Indiana. I still have lots of work to do - BUT am proud of the work I've done thus far. First - we, the Hubs and I, started with changing the color. EVERY room was the SAME, it was a tan color of sorts, and it was depressing. I chose to make each room a soft shade of yellow. The house itself is fairly large and I have lots to do to make it "homey" for now I decided to use what I have and switch things up from one room to the next. I have spent the last several months re-painting, and moving things around to get ready for Christmas. As you will see I have lots of Christmas decor. I'm no decorator by any means, although I enjoy the idea that I could be. I think it is important that the place you call "Home" is a warm and inviting Home. After a year of living here, I finally feel like myself in a place I call Home.  

Find and do the things you Love...Creating an environment that eases the stresses of the day, after all....There's no place like Home! Be Good to You. 




  1. Lola!! Your house is HUGE!!!Congrats... I love it! .. You did an amazing job!

    ps. Your kitchen made my jaw drop! wow!

  2. Thank you Lara. I did the best I could with taking pictures. I hope to do some more on other parts of the house. I still wish I took before pictures to show the difference. For now, I love the feeling of, No Place Like Home!

  3. Your home is beautiful! You really have a knack for decorating!


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