Saturday, June 16, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award

I was awarded the "Kreativ Blogger" award, from a Fantastic Writer...Anne over at Writer's Space...Thank you Anne. (I know I'm a little late on this post!) And am touched by her thoughtfulness...

The award comes with the number 7: 7 things about me and 7 bloggers to pass this award to. So here goes....

Seven facts about me...

1. I don't eat fast food. Would you believe me if I told you I haven't had McDonald's french-fries in over 5 years? At least.

2. I love all things Boudoir. And would love to be a Boudoir photographer...the body is a beautiful thing.

3. I love music, who doesn't? But love me some BIG BAND music. So fun and cheery. I'm sure you might know this from past posts...But Frank, Dean, and Ella are some of my all time faves!

4. I can touch my tongue to my nose...kinda cool and gross at the same time?

5. Currently watching all 11 seasons of Frasier on Netflix...right now I am in season 10...Can't wait to see how it ends.

6. I'm overly neat. I'm the type to fluff the pillows before leaving the house...and don't think I'm the only one who does this...


7. My all time favorite movie is...Home Alone. I can watch this movie anytime of year...

I hope you learned something new about me...Believe it or not, this was hard to do...and sad to say shouldn't be...we should all have DOZENS of facts about ourselves....

Any you'd like to share?

Now for the 7 Bloggers...also not easy to do since I love every blog I follow...

1. Lucy over at Find Your Sparkle
2. Ms. Linds over at Oh Miss Linds
3. Deyanira over at Swirling Embers
4. Rachel over at Modeste Musings 
5. Kelley over at Keep Sitting Pretty
6. Vonae over at Piece of Virtue
7. Julie over at Japolina

Thanks for stopping by...Happy Weekend!
Be Good to You.



  1. No fast food?! McDonalds fries are my weakness. But good for you, that stuff is terrible for you anyway! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. Thank you so much for adding me to the list! The 7 facts about me are not coming as easily as I would like - HA!


  3. You're welcome Lola! You so deserve the award. You're one of the more creative people I have had the opportunity to meet online.

  4. aww! thanks, lola! so sweet of you! love your 7 facts :)


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