Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Personals Pt. 9

Sunday Sunday...Don't know that I have a great story to share with you all today...or should I say this late night seeing how it's 11 in the PM for me...

I can't. Not today. Today, was much like the sea...after a the waves they crash in and out. The tides, the wind...they blow and wash away the footprints in the sand...Some days wishing they could wash away...something...but what?

I am a simple person...I have a big heart. I love to love. I try. I try to understand...The why? And all I have And hope, or use too...hope for something...but what?

Oh yeah, I know...pity pity pity. Pity on me. Maybe I'm feeling sorry for myself...or longing for that wash away the footprints and I'm left with...Me. Wonderful Me.
Emotions are a fickle thing. They trick us. Protect us. Alert us. Guide us...Powerful and in emotions lies our story...Not today. Not "One Piece" will do me today...

Be Good to You.


  1. I think it's best in life to be simple and have a big heart so good for you :) This is a really thoughtful post and I hope you have a great nite Lola, thanks so much for you nice support


  2. You sound troubled Lola and I can only hope that things get better soon. You're a wonderful person with so much love to give. Be happy my friend!

  3. Hi Lola, I hope things get better and you feel full inside. The storm will pass. It's hard when we're in the middle of it, I take hope that it does pass. I'm feeling like you right now, a bit empty and trying to give but not really having much inside. i'm feeling depleated and all I can do is hang on to God and ask Him to carry me through. Hang in there friend. You are such an amazing person! :)

  4. The cleansing release of water is energizing. The idea of having the ocean wash away all that I want to rid myself of is enticing...


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