Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In the Mood? seems like its been a while since my last post...I don't know if I am feeling creative, but at the least I will follow my heart (gut) and hope this post is of some sort of interest...
Ok, so I read another book, you might think I am running a blog all about books...No! But what you must know is that right now in my life I am not working and FINALLY have the time to do a little if I can just get my blog up and running a little better, I'd be in good shape. One of my goals is to let go of my fear of failure and pour my heart into growing my blog. I have to say... I am sorry I did not get to do the 30 days of inspiring posts in January...please, please forgive me. I'm never known to not follow through on anything...I had some major life changing events that did not allow me the time to follow-thru. What can I say, I am be human is to err, or is it, to err is to be human?
Moving on...This book was FABULOUS! There is so much to be said about someone who can write and get the attention to bring an audience in with their wisdom.

Fear is our worst enemy...

I heard this years ago and it stuck with me...I struggle everyday and everyday I remind myself not to get carried away with non-sense that will have power over my day or who I am and will become...
I Love Me some Me. So should you...that is, Love You some You.
Be Good to You.

Till next time....

P.S. Lara...I adore you.

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