Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Treasure Hunt...

Treasure Hunt...Look what I found!

While shopping at the local Target I found 3 rolls of wrapping paper at...are you ready for this??? THIRTY CENTS a roll...yeah I said point three zero!
I love the geometrical blue roll....


This Dwell Studio for Target tablecloth for $5.38 - 70% off! I am a HUGE fan of DwellStudio and they make a line just for Target...take a minute and look at their stuff, very pretty!

I love it when I find deals like these....Sooo hard to pass up!
Now if anyone has a Birthday...I've got the paper...

I want to send a special THANKS to my newest bloggers...

BriWall over at Wall Street - You had me at Hello with your Red Velvet gooey dessert!
I also like all the pictures and links, so personal and really shows who you are...and Gorgeous house! Great job!


Ms. Kelley over at Keep Sitting Pretty - I love her take on life and how NOT to sweat the small stuff...Agreed! And Drake! Oh yeah...I was just playing some Drake while doing this post...great musician...pair him with Rhianna and we got a dance party ;)

And Finally...

Ms. Emma over at All Things Foxy I have a great feeling about her blog because I could use someone to help me with my wardrobe sure to stop by and see her amazing styles!

I am truly grateful to those who sign up...I hope to inspire and hopefully make you giggle with my quirkie must know I am a Dork..thru and thru...

I love meeting fellow bloggers and finding deals like the pretty paper and tablecloth...Anyone else come across a good deal recently?

Until next time...Be Good to You.




  1. Hi Lola! Thank you so much for mentioning my blog and saying such nice things about it :) I love those rolls of wrapping paper you found! And looking at the black, gray & white background of your blog, I realize I had the exact same background on mine before I changed it to what it is now. Great minds think alike, haha!

    1. Hello...You're welcome. I find I can get lost reading your've done a great job and I look forward to seeing more. I love your layout and am looking to change mine up and add some additional tabs...any advice or tips? I am researching the web on how-to's...we shall see. Thanks again...Lola

  2. Hi Lola, I love a girl that loves Drake! LOL! Thanks for mentioning my blog:-) I love going to Target, but I try not to go so much because I always leave with way more then I came in for!

    XO Kelley

    1. Drake gets me up and moving...And Target gets me in trouble everytime...I love to clearance shop and those little orange stickers always call my name! Thanks for signing up...You'll be seeing me too...Lola

  3. Love this tablecloth and Target. My sister calls them the Devil because they're always so tempting. lol. What a great deal! I need to take a trip to Target soon, they have this new line I'm watching to go on sale. : )

    Vonae Deyshawn

    1. I do the same thing...find something when it first comes out and then keep my eye on it when it goes on sale...just bought a pair of shoes that were originally $30 and bought them for $13!! Now once the ice and snow clears I can take them out for a walk...he he. Nice to see you again. Lola


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