Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Blogging and Followers...

 Recently I read two articles about Blogging...
You can read here: A Piece of Virtue and here: Keep Sitting Pretty Both of these ladies are a popular mention on my site...great minds think alike and set to inspire...I thought I would put a little twist in relation to these posts...

For those who Blog and those who follow...it is good to know you are out there, just as their posts mention. Almost all who Blog have the link to "Follow" as an invitation to sign up! Let us see you're out there...It does WONDERS for what we Blogger's are out here doing...Following allows you to sign up and receive emails when new posts are made...

The TWIST..WHAT I'd like to mention is...For those who sign up and leave comments, please be sure to check back and see the response...I try to reply as much as possible to comments left as a way of saying, Thanks! I LOVE encouraging words and thoughts...If I leave comments on others Blogs, I go back and see if they left me a reply...There is a box you can "Check"  just before you leave a comment to have a message sent to your inbox if anything was left as a follow-up...I'm sure as Blogs grow not everyone can get a reply...but for now, I love seeing comments and leaving them as well...It makes what we are doing a reality....and helps connect and appreciate those who take the time...So Thanks!

Be Good to You.

P.S. For all the Blogs I follow, I add them to my favorites...this way I can check back quickly when time is so valuable...it's a cheat, but gets the job done...


  1. Great post! I always clikc the 'funny', 'interesting' or 'cool' button! Love this post:)

    See me Tuesday Ten! www.foxtrotbravo.blogspot.com (All Things Foxy)

    P.S: I saw you left my blog on your right sidebar with other blogs - thank you so much!

    Emma xo

    1. Hi Emma...You're welcome! I love the inspiration I get from your blog in the clothing and trending department. Life is so hectic and time is like Gold. I love seeing your fresh ideas and tips. If it wasn't for the internet I don't know what's in or out...I'm loving all the colors for spring and accessories. Thanks for stopping by...Lola

  2. Thanks for the mention Lola (I really like the name Lola btw lol). I actually really love replying to comments on my blog. It helps me to connect with my readers and to get an idea for what's working and not working. I try to check back from time to time on blogs I leave comments on as well. I think it creates good and creative dialogue between a blogger and his/her readers.

    XO Kelley

    1. I couldn't agree more...you always do a great job with your readers, I know since you always take the time to reply to mine...it is a great way to know your audience...I find when I'm out and hear Drake, You always come to mind and I love that blogging has opened these doors. I'm truly grateful...

  3. Hey darling! Thanks for the shout out. There's actually this website you can use when you write a comment in order to see when a response is added. It's blogflux and the application is commentful. I've been meaning to sign up for it but always forget. I should though, I love seeing blogger's responses but always forget to go back and check. : /

    1. Hey Vonae...Anytime! Thanks for letting me reference your site for this post, I should thank Kelley too...It means a lot to see folks take the time to view and leave comments...It's like getting mail...and I love that it brings good people together for the greater good of building a positive and inspirational blog community. Good to see you! Thanks again...as I sit here eating a wheat bagel with chicken and pretzels after an hour walk...it was beautiful here...Love the sunshine...


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