Friday, March 2, 2012

The Results... judging....this is my daughters room. See what I mean about yesterdays post on March madness & Spring cleaning? Yowsa! I have faith there is a bed, floor, & who knows what else in there...Her wardrobe is insane & our mission is to clear out BOTH our closets since we share our clothes. Wish us luck...

Moving on...I had my FINAL interview of three...Todays interview went VERY well. I should back up and say these interviews were all at different places...not three in one specific place, just in case. Anyway...I was so nervous! I had to do a typing test...UGG! I can't type as good when I am nervous . Pressure will do that. I have a heavy decision IF I am selected...I'm thinking later I will share more details about my work situation...for now I thought I would start the weekend with a little video from Youtube...This makes me wanna dance, dance, dance, not to mention Adam Levine is uber cute!

Be Good to You!




  1. Awwh, great post!

    Just wanted to say...Thank you so much for all the lovely comments you always leave on my blog.

    Emma xo

  2. That pics really cracked me up!!! Good luck with your spring cleaning ...seems to be such an hard work!


    and YES, Adam Levine is so cute!


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