Friday, March 9, 2012

Running in Overdrive

Do you ever feel like you’re running in Overdrive? That seems to be the life for me, at the moment.

I started this blog wanting to inspire others and myself. Some days I find it’s a struggle to tap into my creative side…hence, running in overdrive. Lately I find my inspiration comes from others out here in the blog world. I am loving Vonae over at Piece of Virtue and her post on...Learn where you are, BUT determine to do better. Seems like whatever I’m going through she hits the nail on the head…kinda like Faith. Just when I wonder what and why…God finds a way.

I’m also loving, among all of the people I follow, Ms. Kelley over at Keep Sitting Pretty I love her fresh and trendy posts. Her posts help me think about spring and all the colorful changes...much like life...Change is good. Not to mention she has the BEST taste in music! I could use her for my workout music selection...
I have to do a SPECIAL mention to Ms. Lara over at The Secret Garden She is special to me because she was the FIRST person to sign up and follow my blog. I was so tickled to see her...Her blog allows me to see a part of the world I can only dream about seeing one day...
For all of you who take the time out of your day to share your part of the world, I'm grateful and inspired. Thanks for all your hard work...
Happy Friday...I'm out the door! Be back soon...
Be Good to You!


  1. Thanks for the mention Lola! It made me smile. I agree, Kelley is great! I'm so happy to know so many wonderful women. : )

    Vonae Deyshawn

  2. Aww Lola you're the sweetest! You and Vonae are definitely my faves on this new blogging journey I'm on. You're so Spunky and Vonae is quite inspirational! I look forward to us all growing more together! Can't wait for your next post!! Oh and I'll be sharing some more good music with you ASAP!

    XO Kelley


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