Saturday, March 17, 2012


No matter what happens, I always tell myself “it will be alright”. A good friend of mine taught me this years ago, and it’s true…sometimes easier said than done.
I see it like this…the sun will set, the sun will rise, it’s not like I’m going to sit down and give up. Besides, each day is a gift, we are not promised tomorrow…
I found out this week my Mother-n-law has Ovarian Cancer. She had surgery last night and removed 90% of it and will undergo Chemo right away. We haven’t spoken in two years…before that, seven. We are not close. BUT as a wife it is my job to be the bigger person for him. I don’t hold resentment, bitterness, or anger…as a child of God we are to forgive others before we can be forgiven…it took me years to get to this place…and realizing you can’t change others, makes things less personal…
My life has been one obstacle after another…I’m not complaining, I have a blessed life. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without this journey and hearing about the Hubs Mother makes one think…not sure what I think.
Sunday will be the day I share something personal about my life…I hope you’ll come back…Let’s not leave on a sad note…if you pray, I’ll take what I can get…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day…
Be Good to You.


  1. Sorry about the news about your mother in law. The situation makes it harder for you to know how to act.

    Hope you have a great Saturday Lola!

    1. Thank you...I'm sure as the days go by...all will come together...Thanks for stopping by.



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