Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Personals Pt. 3

Challenges…everyday I’m faced with challenges…What’s a girl to do?
I read so many posts this week…I’m truly grateful to be a part of your world. Your words. Inspiration. Creativity. I need this, especially now.

I tell my story, my journey…One piece at a time. The loss of my job. Learning to let go and love myself…letting go of old habits, easier said than done. I’ve come to many crossroads in my life…and somehow feeling like I’m on the same path. Change is hard. Challenging. Trusting in yourself to make the “Best” decisions versus Right or Wrong. Not black nor white...the gray area in the middle. I believe in this.
I’m scared to admit the truth. Worried about how it makes me sound. Judgment…an ugly feeling. My journey has chapters upon chapters…
How do I begin to tell you when “one piece at a time” is hard to do? My journey is a like a tree…so many branches all brought together to make this beautiful, growing, living, ever changing thing in the world…Me.
Right now in my life I am dealing with the loss of my job, losing my home, financial difficulties, obstacles with my children, and separating from my husband after 19 years together. I’m scared and challenged to stay positive. I hate to admit it, but even as I read others blogs I feel like…what am I doing? How can I be any good for my blog in the state of mind I’m in?
I can, because I refuse to be defeated…Every day I get up…have my coffee and look outside. I’m my own cheerleader…I have to be. My inner voice wrestles with my emotions and I fight to stay focused on the good…after all we are not promised tomorrow and should conquer the day with greatness and gratitude for even the little things…I love the smell of my coffee…it’s one of the few things I enjoy smelling without getting sick. The days are getting warmer as the sun climbs and brings the morning light…I prepare for the day…running errands, phone calls, walking in the park, taking my little one to work. I take care of myself during this time…Exercising and eating a balanced diet is important.
I want to write. I want to share my story…I don’t think I’m any different than the next person. I know every obstacle and challenge forces me to take the higher road in world where being defeated seems like the easier path…taking a road less traveled. I’ll climb. I’ll reach the top. I’ll let go, and let God. Step out in faith and believe in something you cannot see…the future.
I want to thank those who follow. Who share their creativity to help me along the way…to never say never…
Be Good to You.


  1. You're your biggest cheerleader and we're you cheerleaders, because we know you can do it! You're awesome and what you share is like therapy for those who read it, just as what you read inspires you! Keep going and keep sharing!

    XO Kelley

    1. Thanks Kelley...I have to took courage to release this post...fear came knocking and I decided not to answer. Cheering myself on...and letting go...
      Thanks for being such a great "member" with my means a lot to me...Really.


  2. I find it inspiring that you are your own cheerleader... for I have not been mine for the past few years. It's like I took a nose dive and didn't do anything about it. Challenges are there to keep us moving forward and not to stop us. Thank you for the reminder!

    1. So good to see you! Never say never...Go forward and challenge yourself...It's easier said than done, but when the little things light a fire...remember to keep adding fuel to burn brighter!
      Thanks for stopping by...Lola

  3. Hey Lola! First of all, I just want to say I love you with all my heart and I'm sorry for everything you're going through. It's crazy that I've never met you in person but I feel so close to you. Just so you know, you aren't your only cheerleader. Every one of your followers knows your heart and are cheering for you right from our computer screens. I know God will work all things together for you. Stay strong and keep heart. Email me if you ever need anything. : )

    Vonae Deyshawn

    1. Vonae...I can't explain it...from the moment I found your page I was drawn to you...I feel our spirits are very much inline...your blog helps me,inspires me, and I think of you often. I'm pushing myself to write more versus all the little things. Your response touches my heart. I love you too...and appreciate your kind words. Thank you...


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